Fur Cleaning and Glazing

Furs By Bella J offers cleaning and glazing service for your furs. Cleaning and Glazing is necessary to restore the oil into the pelts of your fur to keep the leather from dying and the Fur Association of America recommends your fur to be cleaned and glazed annually

Fur Cleaning Process

First: The lining is pre-spotted by hand with a solvent or other cleaning solutions to remove any visible stains. Then the lining is completely scrubbed by hand with a cleaning solvent or other cleaning solutions, depending on the age of the fur garment and the type of lining

Second: The fur side is spotted as needed and completely scrubbed by hand with a special cleaning solution

Third: The garment is put into a large tumbling and cleaning drum with a special mixture of fine crused corncob, nutshells and glazing solution, and then tumbled around for 20 minutes to an hour. This works the glazing solution into the skins of the garment to keep them soft and pliable for years to come

Fourth: The garment is then put into another large tumbling drum which is designed to shake out 98% of the fine corncob and nutshell dust. The remaining dust in cuffs, pockets and collar is blown off by hand with a high pressure air gun

Fifth: The garment is now sprayed with a glazing solution to put the luster back into the fur and ironed on a specially designed  ironing wheel at 300 degrees fahrenheit which removes the nap and loose hairs and at the same time electrifies the fur hairs leaving them fluffed, looking new. 

Sixth: The lining is now spot cleaned if needed, for the second time, then steamed and ironed

Last: The fur garment is hand combed, putting on the finishing touch, giving it that new soft fluffy lusterized look.